About Zeffi


Based in the ancient and mystical mountains of Sedona, Arizona, Zeffi Kefala has been working with people from all over the world for over twenty-five years. Her spiritual counseling, intuitive and healing gifts, and workshops will assist you on your path to finding and awakening to your True Self.
Ancient teachings recognized that both mental and physical disease were first and foremost afflictions of the spirit and that treating these disorders began with a balancing of the energies within the body. In doing so, not only was the body brought into harmony but a path of higher consciousness was revealed to the individual, a path that led to living a complete and fulfilling life.
Zeffi’s lifetime of study of the Mystery Schools, the True Yogini path, Tantric Buddhism, and Native American teachings, and her exploration of all of these techniques through her life experience has made her a true healer.
Zeffi travels worldwide, offering healing sessions, workshops, ceremonies, and tours to spiritual sites in the United States, Europe, and Asia. She devotes much of her time to individual sessions as a medical intuitive, healer, and spiritual counselor. Zeffi works with those new to the spiritual path and already on the spiritual path, including other teachers and healers. Please contact Zeffi with any questions, to set up a workshop, a ceremony, or to schedule a private healing session.