September 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I am very excited to announce some positive news for the day!  Ancient Healing is teaming up with the online educational site, “Learn It Live Spirituality Center,” where I will be offering a new course Entitled “The Fundamentals of Chakra Energy Transfer.”  The course will be based on my book “From Root to Truth:  A Journey Into the Energy Centers of the Human Body.”  The 8 classes will cover materials from the book and beyond, and will in large part be about holistic healing in relation to the chakra energy centers of the body.  We will discuss how illnesses arise, through emotional states and individual birth characteristics, and we will delve deeply into the practice and development of intuitive self-diagnosis through meditation with the chakras.  I hope this course will be of great benefit for your spiritual life and overall happiness, and I’m very happy to be presenting this useful information to you.  I am offering a free introductory course this Sunday  this Sunday Sep 27 at 11:00 am EDT, or 9:00 PST and Sedona time, available here.  We will be exploring the journey through the energy centers of the human body, and how you can heal yourself by working with the chakras.  It is going to be a rich experience and I look forward to sharing this knowledge with all those who it may assist on their paths.

In other news, our Woman Arising conference is coming into form more and more each day, and we greatly look forward to the wisdom and inspiration to be shared between our fantastic lineup of presenters and attendees.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to register, please do so at  We have extended our early bird special to $195 until September 28th, and I hope this will make it more possible for you to attend this uplifting time together.  We have also arranged a 15% discount with the Best Western Inn directly adjacent to the venue.
It is an awakened time for me here in Sedona, and I am feeling enthusiastic about the variety of opportunities offered.  The energy is passionate, yet peaceful; excited, yet purposeful.  Having returned from a rejuvenating experience in Europe, I look forward to continue offering private healing or coaching sessions as well as group ceremonies.


Zeffi Kefala

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