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Greece Trip
September 2nd-11th 2018


Come join Zeffi Devi in her native Greece to experience this once in a lifetime sacred tour of the spiritual wisdom of the Greeks.

On this trip you will not be a tourist, but instead an initiate into the divine transcendent ancient knowledge of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Together we will journey to the heights of Mount Olympus, the depths of Greek Wisdom, the mysteries of the Seas, and temples of sacred knowledge.

Zeffi just got back from Greece where she had an amazing vision for our upcoming trip.

While dancing in an ancient temple she clearly saw the powerful transformation that is possible for you.

She felt you wake up to your light, step into your own inner knowledge, and soar beyond your limitations.

The divine aspect inside of you glowed, you were filled with a new powerful energy, and you ignited your own ancient knowing.

A new energy shone light on your true path and you were fully living a more spiritually awakened life.

By harnessing the knowledge of the Athenians, the power of the Olympians, and the wisdom of the Oracle you were able to step once and for all into your most realized self.

We hope you will join us in fulfilling this vision.

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