My Prayers

This is a very powerful Prayer of Protection

My clients have requested a copy so often I decided to share it with everyone.

~ Zeffi Kefala, Sedona, Arizona


Mother/Father God

Light of Creation

Light that I Am

I give thanks for all that I have and all that I Am

We invoke the Power of the Violet Flame, burning through up, and around our bodies, transmuting any energies out of alignment with our I Am presence.

We invoke the Power of the Sword of Michael and the Angels of Protection to surround and protect us within the impenetrable Sapphire Blue Spheres.

We invoke the Power of the Light of Christ, filling and surrounding us in the protection and Divine Healing Grace of our Master Healer and Teacher.

We gratefully rest in safety in the loving arms of our Blessed Mother Mary.

Anchoring in Mother Earth, we align ourselves with the Love of the Universe.

We decree perfect protection by these powers and the Love of God that I Am. Any energies operating outside of this light and Love must now depart to the Light voluntarily, or be taken there by the Spirit of Christ.

Thanks to the Holy Spirit that, as we are chosen. we are protected in fulfilling Your Purpose.

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