The Peacock – February 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

I’m sure many of you are feeling a lot of shifts and changes so far this February.  Awareness is expanding as many metaphysical deaths and rebirths are taking place.  This month was my birthday, and I realized that every year a couple weeks before our birthday, we all go through a kind of transformation.  It is like a death and rebirth, as the old dies and a new energy comes to take us into the next year.  

Two weeks before my birthday was actually a very intense time, which reflected the intensity of the whole last year.  I went through letting go of things that don’t serve me anymore, and that’s not just material things, but more on an emotional level.  It was an emotional growth.  I looked at myself really deeply and intensely, and I realized there was a fear that was holding me back for a very long time.

When my birthday came, it seemed like all my friends were synchronized without even knowing each other:  They all, from the morning of my birthday, showed up with peacock energy.  From feathers, to cards, to gift bags, to gifts with peacocks.  I mean, it was truly amazing at my birthday dinner as I opened my birthday offerings- it was just one peacock after the other and there was no logical explanation for it.  The message was clear and strong.  It confirmed for me that all the changes I went through in my emotional body two weeks before my birthday were actually about the peacock energy- much like the phoenix rising.

It was a coincidence which I have taken to be a divination for the coming year, and which well-matches what I intend.  The totem of the peacock, or peahen, is much about coming out and shining in our brilliance.  As I mentioned before, I have used the past several years for deep inner exploration, spiritual and personal growth.  Now I’m ready, aided by the spirit of the peacock,  to shine forth and share, in all the magnificent ways I can.

Animal speaks also says about the peacock that it is about “resurrection, wise vision, and watchfulness.”

There’s a couple things about the peacock I knew even before I received those beautiful presents on my birthday.  I really love peacocks and have always felt connected to them since I was a little girl.  They represent the Goddess in that they are able to take the poison of snakes and transform it.  To me the poison from the snakes is actually a huge transformation.  In ancient Egypt they used to take a little bit of the poison everyday as a health remedy.  It was also used to release fears as they took it as a health remedy.

For the past year, beginning on my last birthday, I’ve been taking a homeopathic remedy, which is actually the venom of an extremely poisonous snake.  And I also love snakes.  So to me the combination of these two totem vibrations is very powerful.  For the whole past year I took snake poison as a remedy, and the day of my birthday, of my rebirth, I received the peacocks.  So I went from taking the poison to being the one who can transform it.

As I’m writing this, the full comprehension of what this means is coming clearer into view, brings tears to my eyes, and I see it is as a message I’m meant to share with you.

My totem for the coming year is the peacock: To be out there sharing my work, with no fear, to be on the tantric path, and also to share it in a new way.  I’ve been practicing myself for the past 25 years, and have kept it sacred and secret.  I have been a yogini, and all of us yoginis are helping to wake up the feminine energy within everyone– to really understand that Tantra is not only the sexual energy, but also the balance between the masculine and feminine within ourselves.  In that way we can reach the highest connection to divinity.

There are a lot of things ready to bloom this Spring, because I’ve used the winter both of recent past years, as well as the last season to go within- to discover deeply there, and to write about those experiences and lessons.  Now I am coming out with Spring energy, with the flowers and birds, ready to share.  This will come in the forms of meditation CD’s with beautiful music, and the publishing of my next book which I’ve been writing for the past few years.  We are also already well into planning for this year’s Woman Arising November 10 – 13th, along with many other inspirational projects you will hear about soon.

Part of this Spring blooming for me is Shakti Fest, a devotional music festival where I will have the honor of presenting.  I’m very excited to announce that I was asked to teach in Shakti Fest from the 13th to 15th of May.  I hope you can join us for this great celebration together.

I will talk about the transformation from where I’ve been, on the inner Tantric path that I’ve been taking all these years, to expressing the Tantric path.

I’m very excited to be there and I would love for you to come and join me.

This picture I took last year at Shakti Fest is – a snake crossing my path, heading in toward the festival.  I attended last year as a guest, and was guided by snake medicine within.  This year I attend with the energy of the peacock, as a speaker.  The signs are so clear I am in awe and tears as I realize the truth in ever more beautiful waves of clarity.

Other guidance I am receiving with this peacock energy is about my session offerings.  2 of my workshops are now being offered as sessions:  “The Temple of the Living Goddess” and “Connecting with the Ascended Masters.”  This is part of my work to share tantric teachings.  Once you have these sessions, they become a part of you, a part of your way of being in the world, and are truly a transformational experience.  In the past these initiations have only been available in groups, but I am offering them in private sessions one on one.  I have been guided to offer these specific group workshops as one-hour private sessions as a special, for now, for only $108 each.  I hope this can be of benefit to you.  

I have also been guided to offer 15-minute one-question sessions for $45, which I feel can be of service to many on their path.  

So this is a very exciting time for me, an exciting time astrologically as well, and an exciting time for us to do our transformational healing work together.  I look forward to all the beauty and expansion this year of the peacock will bring.



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