October 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,  

We are very lucky to live in this powerful time From where I write this morning, the sun has risen again, shining in all its beauty and splendor after the night, and I am pleased to feel its newness.   I’m sure many of you have felt how we’ve been under the influence of many strong astrological forces the past couple months. It has brought an intensity of deep self-exploration.  We had venus retrograding, mercury retrograding, and many other planetary and solar alignments, which have all been part of spiritual energies coming in for us to shift and to grow. These energies, which have been greatly effecting us, have actually come to help- to bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves, and to feel ourselves down to the core of our existence.  It felt like a death and rebirth experience.  


I am reminded of the story of Inana, the Goddess who journeys to the underworld. As she journeys into that darkness, she sheds her garments and becomes naked. She stands to face all she must face there. And then, like the Phoenix, she rises from the darkness, and returns to the light, as she shines her own light from her re-found glory within. The classic archetype suits the energy of these days, particularly for myself and the work I am doing. I have taken the time to delve into the underworld of my inner self, to explore the many hidden gems there- to meet each one as they arise, with clarity, to purify them, to shed light upon them so they may shine.   

During this time, many have come and gone in my life, and I’ve found that   perhaps sometimes only one or two companions will remain. As you know, I’ve taken on a new project, Woman Arising, for the first time this year, and I’ve found this experience to be completely reflective of the energy of the time. I have often found myself alone in the process, with commitments and promises to me left incomplete. But this is a common lesson for many, and from that I come to a couple lessons revisited. One is gratitude. I can be grateful for those have remained true to me, such as my assistant, Sierra, who remains devoted to the creation of Woman Arising. I can also be grateful for all the lessons learned from the whole process, even as difficult as it seems sometimes.

Like myself, there may have been many times when others have let you down and not lived up to their promises, or to your expectations. We go into that dark night alone, but perhaps this is a necessary phase of rebirth. There is no reason to worry. Everything is going according to this life’s important lessons, and the dark night serves as a seed for a whole and healed soul. We emerge from it purified, cleansed and complete.  

Through these recent experiences of successful as well as apparently failed attempts at cooperation, I have learned the importance of community. Many of us are simply accustomed to being alone and creating alone, but how do we live in community? Even if two people can stand together to serve a purpose, they begin to build community, and others will arise out of that momentum- out of that foundation. But, no matter who stands by you, or even if you stand alone with unmet promises, what really matters is that you keep going. The light is always at the end of the tunnel.  Everything you want- if you have passion behind it aligned with your highest self, you can actually make happen.   

My most important message to you this month, if you have been going through this process, or anytime in your life you may find yourself there, is to have the courage and faith and wisdom, to endure the journey into the underworld, because you will emerge as a brand new Goddess, or a Phoenix rising from the ashes. A focus on the worry will only intensify the issues, while a focus on the transformative power of truth and value-seeking will always leave us with a sure sense that the problems of life were worth living, if but for the lessons and self-knowledge there-in. 

Then we can come to understand ourselves, and to truly feel ourselves right down to the very core of our being. And feeling is very important. Even in the times of trouble, when one can simply allow the feelings to arise- to go into them without story-telling and fretting, then they will pass on their own, leaving a seed of knowing behind. What that seed will grow into, is up to your choosing, your attention, your intention. And that will become a gift you can share with others as they endure challenges similar to what you have faced, and your compassion can truly shine for them.         

We are all Inana, the Phoenix, the morning sun lifting the fog of night. A simpler and sweeter time is coming, where we can enjoy our new selves, and the new worlds into which we have been reborn. You are going to rise, and you are going to be doing this all over the world. You’ve gone through ups and downs, the sadness, the crying, but now is the time for all that to finish and to rise up. It is important for all of to be authentic with how we are feeling, and allow ourselves to be seen as vulnerable if that is the case. Speak your truth and live your truth in the moment.  

All of the energy of this magnificent time is perfectly aligned with Woman Arising. Our community is being built upon the foundation of rising Inana Goddesses. We prepare to embark on a journey and an initiation together. We will shed our doubts, negative emotions, and the negativities our minds have been creating, and in their place shine the light of newfound awareness and stability from the next and better version of ourselves. If you haven’t had the chance to register, please do so very soon at www.WomanArising.com. As a gift of appreciate to my newsletter subscribers, I will continue to offer the discount price. Just send me a personal email at zeffi@ancienthealing.org, and I will give you the discount code. 

I am also still teaching live online from my book on healing with the chakras. The first two classes have been recorded, so if you sign up now you can still watch the previous sections. I apologize that during the first test run there were a few technical difficulties, perhaps Mercury-retrograde related, but all the edges have been smoothed, and we are having a great time healing and exploring the inner energetic world together. Classes are Sunday mornings, 9:00 MST time. Read more about it and sign up at Learn it Live.

These are both fantastic and inspiring ways to build community together, and I look forward to being there with you, all of my fellow Inanas and Phoenixes, as we share and create in our new worlds together.



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