Making Way for the New – June 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I want to start with a big thank you.  Thank you to all the sponsors and all of the amazing support I’ve received since February.  Many of you, and other angels in my life, have stepped up into key roles to support Ancient Healing, and this has allowed me to focus on continuing this year’s goals.  Because of your support, we are full on in the creation of Woman Arising, and for me, especially dear to my heart, I have been more able to share my work with the world for the purpose of helping others.  I have been very busy and inspired- I had the opportunity to present at Shakti Fest, to make a beautiful commercial for Woman Arising, create an Ancient Healing Youtube channel, work on my book revisions, and to continue giving ample energy to my work as a healer.

zeffi shakti fest pic

This picture is from ShaktiFest, an amazing experience where I met a lot of people and made great connections.  I hope to participate again next year, and I am inspired to keep presenting at these kinds of events.  The audience received it beautifully.  One person even told me it was one of her favorite presentations, and I also overheard people talking with each other saying it was an incredible experience.  My work was welcomed and appreciated by the participants, and this is my fuel to continue.  I am very grateful for the opportunity and the feedback.

Global Wellness Day

Ancient Healing and Woman Arising are sponsoring a booth for female entrepreneurs at Global Wellness Day, June 11th, 10 am – 3 pm at The Collective, a new community space in the Village of Oak Creek where we will also be hosting Woman Arising.  The booth will feature several female entrepreneurs, and is included as a mid-year Woman Arising event.  I hope you can join us for a wonderful time together at this celebration and wellness awareness event.

It will actually fit well with what’s going on energetically and astrologically in the world now…

Releasing Old Patterns

Recently I shared some insight into the meaning of the eclipses we went through.  That same process is still ongoing through the end of June, now via the positions of the planets.  I spoke about a “squeezing” experience – that we are being squeezed and pushed through old patterns, old situations, and beyond things that don’t serve us anymore.  It is important to let those things go.  All of this is to get to our spiritual Self, which is able to move through life with ease and grace.

During this time, I feel it is very important to continue supporting each other, through any ways we can – whether it be simply listening to someone, or opening our hearts and really looking at ourselves deeply so we can expand that to others- surrendering and not judging.  Allow others their process.  Note that what they bring in front of you is also a part of yourself.  And we are going to have to make choices out of these experiences.

Take for example a relationship or a situation at a crossroads:  Do you want to stay in it if doesn’t serve you?  Can you take personal responsibility and say to another person, “this is actually about me, this is how I feel, and it is not a judgment or a projection onto you”?  It’s about taking responsibility in our relationships, and taking responsibility for ourselves – if something doesn’t serve us, can we move out of it as fast as we can, or do we prolong it?

We judge everything from our old experiences, which have created patterns and belief systems, and this creates expectations.  It is very important for us to get to know that.

So just remember in the next month, from now until July, that this is what’s getting squeezed out of us- old expectations, old patterns, old paradigm.  We need to surrender those old habits.  This is a “9” year – a year of completions so so we can have new beginnings.  We’re no longer being squeezed between the eclipses, but being squeezed between planets.  So whatever the feelings you had then are likely to reoccur for the next month.  After that we should start feeling a little lighter.

I am happy to help you through this process, and am available for sessions in person or via the phone.  For those of you in Sedona, I will be here until mid June.  Then I travel to Greece until early September, where I will be available for in-person sessions, or sessions via phone.  I am also happy to announce I will be giving a Shakti workshop for women in Florence, Italy June 17th – 21st.
Please contact to sign up.

Woman Arising

wa_slider-FW copy

In other news, Woman Arising is flowing magically.  Our commercial is airing on Sedona Now TV all the way up to the event.  You can also find it on Ancient Healing’s Youtube channel, where you can subscribe and watch last year’s presentations.

We are finalizing our lineup for 2016 and will soon be announcing a very exciting keynote speaker, as well as a couple of very special musical performances.  It is a joy to announce that we are incorporating a lot more music, art, healing, and ceremony this year.  Woman Arising is actually beyond a conference… it is a tribal gathering, and an initiation of the Shakti energy within all of us.  We are all skyrocketing together to the next level, and I really hope you can make the space to gift this experience to yourself this year.  By support Woman Arising, you are also supporting yourself.

We have started a raffle for Woman Arising.  $25 on EventBrite gets you 6 entry tickets for the raffle.  The first prize is a full weekend ticket into Woman Arising, 2nd prize – a healing session, and the 3rd prize is a gift basket worth $100.   The drawing will happen September 1st.  Good luck!

We are in full-on creation with Woman Arising, inspired to introduce new and exciting aspects like this raffle. If you want to be involved, support in any way, or if you have any questions about Woman Arising, please email  We are really having a fun time making this year happen.

Blessings and many thanks to you all.



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