July 2015 Newsletter

Compassion, in Every Moment

Hello everyone!  There has been a lot of intense energy swirling in the collective consciousness these past couple months.  So much is being asked of us during this amazing transitional time.  While a lot of changes are happening, I find it best to completely surrender with the flow of energy, and to come from the place of our hearts.  Our heads oftentimes make big misunderstandings of our situations.  Truly, this is a time for us to understand through compassion, to feel compassion, and to act out of the wisdom that compassion brings.

In my personal life, there were many challenges that I was able to turn into beautiful experiences, through shifting the way I choose to see it.   The challenges were my teachers for the deeper understanding of compassion within myself.   The blessing is to actually live it, everyday.  This month, I was blessed with the privilege of visiting Amma in Sante Fe, New Mexico.


With the company of my two beautiful goddess companions, I stood patiently waiting in line for the moment to be in Amma’s embrace.  It was a special time near the end of the 4 day-long event.  It had already been three days of Amma, the compassionate hugging mother, dressed all in white, giving her ecstatic hugs.  Then on the last day, as myself and my friends waited in line for our moment with her, Amma conducted the Devi Bhava Puja.  She thereby invokes the divine feminine within herself, so that when one is given a blessed embrace from her, they are also being blessed by the divine feminine, as the divine feminine in themselves is also awakened.

The experience felt particularly magical for us, as we were specifically pulled out of the line immediately after the ceremony and brought to the front to be the first to hug Amma.  Even more incredibly, we were directly asked to stay there on the stage after, as devotees continued to pour in for their embraces with Amma.  How does one explain such an experience?  To me, when I was up there hugging her, I felt the compassion that she has for the whole world, inside of myself.  As we stood there for a timeless two hours, we allowed that sweet and sacred energy to wash over us, and I felt we had been called upon to stay in order to hold that energetic space, ecstatic in Amma’s loving presence.  It was blissful, pure, connected, divine, full of the deepest compassion.  You just melt into her energy as she embraces you, because her compassion is so great you find yourself in sweet and total surrender.  You come out of it with a blissful clarity, and deeper understanding of the universal love she is bringing to the world.

To me, it was a miracle, and it calls me to recognize those miracles that are happening everyday, in our everyday lives as well.  These miracles are the teachers, the reminders, to share that love with everyone I come into contact with.  The trip to Santa Fe was unexpected, but so beautiful; with a flow that was incredible and without obstacles.  I was quickly and easily in Amma’s arms, and to me it was a great gift.


The other miracle and gift, was that my little dog Chandi was allowed to go into the ceremony and to stay.  She was the only service allowed to come in.

My recommendation for this month is that you really try to figure out how in your life you can come from compassion.  In your heart, explore how can you forgive people that actually hurt you.  Even the closest people in your life, see where you can find the love for them.  And see how you can send them constant love, daily.  Because you can feel their pain, you understand where they are coming from.

I recommend this daily meditation practice, even if it is just five minutes a day:  Put your chosen people in front of you, and send them all the unconditional love you can.  Its a good practice to do daily.  And it helps us follow and lead from our hearts all the time; instead of our minds, instead of our ego.  If you do this practice, there will be small miracles that will show up in your life:  They will make you feel like, “uh huh, I am in my heart, I am in my compassion.”  These little miracles in your daily life are going to be the spark, and the driving force to keep you going in love, and to keep your compassion meditation happening daily.

My experience with Amma, with the whole surprise and ease of getting to see her, as well as the perfect companionship and the fact that Chandi was aloud to be present – These are the kinds of miracles I’m talking about.  And there are miracles in our lives everyday.  So find your miracle daily.  Find your experience daily.

Upcoming Events…

I will be taking the energy of this beautiful experience with Amma into the future.  My next planned event is in Europe, where I’ll have the pleasure of presenting at the Leading Wellbeing Research Festival in Lake District, UK, from July 16th through the 18th.   For more information, please visit www.lifeworth.com

Then in late August, I return to Sedona to make full preparations for Ancient Healing’s upcoming Woman Arising Conference.  I invite all women to be part of this beautiful conference retreat we are creating.  It will be a great opportunity for us to discover the divine feminine within ourselves.  We are currently developing a dynamic lineup of female presenters, and are asking them to share with us their deepest experiences and insights.  I definitely recommend making the effort to be present with us among the beautiful red rocks of Sedona October 30th – November 1st.

For more information and to register, please visit www.ancienthealing.org/schedule/events

If you register by August 30th it’s only $195 after that it goes to $245

If you feel open to receive this beautiful Woman Arising gift we are creating, please send an email to zeffi@ancienthealing.org.  I also invite you to share this newsletter with any other women, whom you feel might be interested in discovering the divine feminine within themselves.  I would really appreciate that.  We are forming a spectacular group of women attending.

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Woman Arising | October 30 – November 1, 2015 | Sedona, Arizona

We look forward to seeing you there!

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