Embodying Your Truth – January 2016 Newsletter

Happy New Year Everyone,

As I begin to write this newsletter to you, I take a moment’s pause to look outside at an incredible snow covered Thunder Mountain, the back drop of my Sedona home.  Snow from the past four days is glowing in a soft light, the air fresh and clean, as a beautiful misty steam rises from the sacred mountain.  I am reminded of the message I’ve received from many yogis who have visited this holy place:  Thunder Mountain is Mt. Kailash, the divine home of Shakti and Shiva, dancing in their cosmic play right here alongside us, in the realm unseen, nestled in the sacred earth of the red rocks.

                                                  Thunder Mountain, Sedona

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to bring in this new year with a powerful Shiva-Shakti Puja – honoring the balance of the masculine and feminine in my life, in my spirit, and in the world around us.  This is going to be a very important principle for us all to live by in the coming year:  How can you find this balance within yourself, and how can this balance be portrayed in the life you are manifesting?  The masculine and feminine require each other for their very existence.  One cannot be without the other.  They are the Shiva-Shakti eternal dance of being, representing spirit and mind, emotions and the physical body, the realms seen and unseen.  Their dance is a continuous, evolving creation, mirrored many ways in each of our lives.

I want to bring this awareness to the forefront this coming year.  It is a great time to recognize the Shiva-Shakti union in yourself, and out of this recognition will grow an honoring of their balance.  To recognize it, and to honor it, the work we need to do is within ourselves:  It involves an inner and outer movement toward total truth.


Shiva-Shakti Puja

There are two truths I’m speaking of here:  The truth of your ideal, and then the truth you are actually living.  They too are a Shiva-Shakti play.

Let me give an example… I was recently working with a dear client who said she was trying to move away from a painful relationship.  She was, however, also waiting and hoping he would contact her.  Since he was not, she felt hurt.  So she sent him a “happy holidays” email in search of some response.  In one truth, she was telling herself “I want to move away from this relationship.”  Her other truth was, “I want recognition.”  But in the action of emailing him, she was directly living in opposition to the truth of “I want to move away from this relationship.”  She was doing the opposite of what she says she wants.  What is the real truth?  Do you want the person or do you not?  Do you want the attention or not?

How many times in our lives do we act, speak, or think in ways that oppose the truth we actually want to be living?

Last month’s new moon we worked on gratitude, then with the full moon on Christmas I advised you to let go of what is not serving you, and with this new moon of January 9th, I encourage you to write down your truth, even if it is very painful.  For example, “I emailed this person because I needed attention.”

Be honest with yourself as you look at how your actions are actually creating the truth you are in reality living.  This is going to automatically bring you to the realization of the truth you want to be living.  

Be thankful for both of those realities within yourself.  Also be thankful that you are even taking the time to write it out- that you have the consciousness to come to this recognition.  Because the more we continue honoring ourselves, acknowledging the truth that is now for ourselves, and then also seeking to live our higher forms of truth, the more we are going to be propelled into actually reaching our purpose.

Right now, the energy is that the truth is going be revealed.  You can’t hide it anymore.  Your truth is being revealed to you.  

The energy of this new moon is about honoring that honesty within ourselves.  What that means for me is that I don’t want to actually cover reality anymore with words.  I don’t want to mask the truth with words, but actually be my truth.  Sometimes we don’t speak our truth, our highest ideals, because we feel that we are going to be judged if we don’t live up to it, but we have to move past that fear of judgement.  Speak your truth as you want to be living it, and then allow your actions to follow.

Create your own Shiva-Shakti dance of balance- Balance your inner masculine and feminine, action and rest, emotions and body, spirit and mind.  This is going to help you get clear on what you want and who you are.  Then make your actions and speech align with that.

This is going to attract the highest reality for you, and 2016 is going to be a great, transformational year.  I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

I would be honored to assist your 2016 transformations, or with any other aspect of your life, and am therefore extending my session specials until January 30th.  February 4th I will be leaving Sedona for Europe until late Spring.




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