Eclipse Transformation & Feeling Emotions – March 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Between the solar eclipse with the new moon on the 8th of March, to today’s lunar eclipse (March 23rd), we are still working with very strong energies.  The truth is that we’re being squeezed, from the positive and the negative side.  It’s very important for our inner light to shine, first for ourselves, and then for others.  And also to go deep into uncovering our shadow self. 

You have probably been feeling these cosmic effects, and I want to remind you that it is an important time to bring your light to the world- also to bring the light of awareness to your own darkness.  When our darkness isn’t looked at, it can create shadow energies around us.  This is a time to purify that, and to understand that both exist within you- the light and the dark.  The reason we are being squeezed between the eclipses is to illuminate every part of ourselves so our true selves can shine.

What happened in Brussels yesterday- the bombing – there is a lot of anger and negativity hidden in those people, and the way they’ve chosen for this moment to express it is by hurting others.  There is another way, for each of us.  And that way is to always be our true self in the moment that we feel it.  We have to look at our own darkness, and shine the light of truth into it.

In order to move forward now, it is important to feel your emotional states, even if you feel some discomfort with them.  When you really feel that discomfort, you are actually raising your vibration.  It rises out of the recognition of the discomfort.

The feeling of being squeezed between these two eclipses is because we are  actually expanding – expanding to the next level of our initiation.  I read somewhere, and I don’t remember where, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  And this is really up in your face this year.  There is no escaping it.  

If you hide your feelings from yourself and others, and you pretend to be all love and light in order to put on a show for others, and even to put on a show for yourself, this can cause you to become spiritually rigid.  Dry.  And actually out of balance.  We may say everything is all about compassion and love, and we wear white and we’re vegetarian, and supposedly living in our hearts.  But for most of us that means that we are hiding our shadow.  Suppressing our shadow.   

For years and years we can hide it, even from ourselves.  But it is best to be aware of it and express it in a healthy way, in the moment that you are feeling it. Really feeling it, in and of itself, is a form of expression, and being in that presence is actually being the true you.  It is right to allow the emotion to be.  Otherwise the shadow continues to grow, and eventually can create chaos in your life and the lives of those around you.

When you allow yourself to feel the emotions, then you let them go faster, you release them.  If you don’t allow yourself to feel, and to even express sometimes if it is needed, then that can become repressed energy, can become resentment, and can eventually cause catastrophe.  Just think of how much energy you use holding things in and repressing.  It’s a drain- it can make you physically sick.  

Even to be too much in the light- too spiritually rigid, too many cleanses – can cause you to be out of balance.  Can even make you physically ill.

So the point of this time is to be in balance.  And its much the same as being in your truth that I’ve spoken to you about before.  

                                                   This picture is called the Holy 108.  I chose it to represent the “squeezing” energy we  are in between the two eclipses- solar and lunar.

We are being pressed between the sun and the moon, between the extremes of dry spirituality and intense negativity.  All of this pressure is teaching us to find the balance- the balance that arises out of awareness of your true self- out of being aware of both sides of yourself- the negative and the positive – the sun and the moon.  This is a time that is helping us to raise our vibration, to expand to the next level.  

If you walk the middle path with both of them balanced and give equal awareness to each, that is the middle path.  From there you can expand- whole, complete, divine.

This month, and actually the next 6 months is a big manifestation time.  If you are in balance, and you think positive, you will manifest positive.  If you are out of balance, and your shadow has grown big, and then you think negatively, this is a sure way to create negative manifestations, especially with the energies that are coming in the next 6 months.

Honor the pressure that has been happening inside you between these eclipses.  Balance yourself.  Then focus on the balanced self.

Remember, you are a spiritual being, being in the physical body, and having all of the feelings that come with it.  So those two also need to be in balance- your spirit and your body.

I am available to help in this process if you should wish it.



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