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Hello Everyone,

First off, I invite you to check out this beautiful web page for Shaktifest and Woman Arising.  I’ve put some amazing pictures from ceremonies in India that I hope you will enjoy.

Now to get to it, lately so many of you have been asking me about the difference between feelings and emotions that I think I should share some insight about this.  I have talked about it a little in the past, but now I would like to go into more detail so you can really understand the difference, and why it is important.  This is a continuation of the Self-balancing practices we’ve been talking about.

Emotions are about situations and interactions that trigger you.  When you are triggered, emotions arise.  They can range all the way from jealousy to anger and can be very destructive, or they can be as extreme as very happy, very blissful – to the other end, similar to what we talked about in the previous newsletter.

According to Buddhist philosophy, and all the ancient traditions actually, your emotions should be very balanced.  Not extremely angry.  Not extremely blissful.  If you are having situations of extreme emotional reactions, this means you are attached to outcome.  

With feelings, on the other hand, there is no attachment to the outcome.  If you really go into them, you will find that your feelings come from intuition.  They do not have a specific expectation the way emotions do. I’m sure you’ve heard at some point that you need to “feel your feelings,” but this probably means you have also worked with the emotions which are stuck in your head.  Because emotions are head-connected.  They come with beliefs and stories- things like “My father doesn’t love me.” “My girlfriend doesn’t love me,” or “This person wants to hurt me.”  They are of the ego.

Emotions cause you to become a victim.  Contrastly, feelings empower you.  They give you the power of intuition.  This means that what you feel is balanced, and it comes from your heart.

This is the energy that we are going into now.  This is the age of Aquarius that we’ve all been waiting for, talking about and wanting since the 60’s.  That was part of the intuition of the people at that time, but finally we are reaching that place.  So what I suggest to you now, is to meditate and release as much of your extreme emotions as you can.  Then once you have cleared them,  you are no longer a victim of the emotions, like “it is everybody else’s fault except mine.”  Then you can find the true feelings inside of you, your true intuition, and see exactly the truth about who you are.

I suggest this practice for this month, because the energy from the universe is really supporting us now all the way to July to continue with the previous work of balancing the extreme Self.  This is about finding your center, which is your true intuition.

I also suggest connecting to a mantra that you really, really love, and do it everyday, or at least listen to it, while sitting in meditation.  It can be a mantra from any tradition – Buddhist, Hindu, Christian – whatever you connect with.  As you do this, truly look at your emotions via the feelings.  Look at your thoughts with your heart.  Always remember that feelings are in your heart, and emotions are in your head.  

We need to separate them first in meditation.

(A side note from Sierra, Zeffi’s editor.  As Zeffi was explaining this to me, I realized that last night I had been doing this process automatically.  For whatever reason, even without having a seeming trigger, suddenly a well of old emotions arose in me, and with it all the stories of painful past experiences.  I assumed they had come up for processing, for releasing.  I didn’t want to make any actions of them, but they were so strong I had to listen.  So I sat in meditation, and simply allowed myself to feel.  I watched as the stories and judgements and explanations of the mind tried to take over, tried to find a course of action for taking the emotions into the world.  Instead I simply sat there, and felt what was going on with my emotions.  They were physical, in my body, and they sought manifestation in my mind.

This is not a normal occurrence for me.  These strong emotions from the past had come seemingly out of nowhere, out of deep within where they’ve been buried for a long time.  There didn’t even seem to be a present trigger.  Zeffi wanted me to share this because it was amazing how the very next day, Zeffi starts telling me this newsletter for the month.  For me, this experience verified that we are now being supported to work out our differences between feelings and emotions.)

                                                                                                                                Anonymous ~ Thank You

When you come to a feeling, you are still very calm.  When you come to an emotion, you can get very stirred up and a story is created.  We create a blame story or some kind of thing we need to do.  The feeling doesn’t create a story. It’s the true intuition.  The feeling has this peacefulness, that you are okay.  There is no need to create a story.  There is no need to go hurt someone.  There is no need.

Presence.  Be present for the process.  Don’t be afraid to go into this deep experience of looking at the two separately.

Then continue the practice of balance as I’ve been talking about in these newsletters.  I feel we are getting a lot of our personal work done, and these newsletters are flowing with practices that are going to help us all get into balance and be our best.

All of this work is also part of Woman Arising.  We are pushing through the negative.  Its not all woo-woo fluffy.  So, in response to a lot of questions I’ve been receiving, and because of the astrological energies that are happening right now, I recommend that for the next month, meditate on the difference between your feelings and emotions, and practice a mantra as I’ve suggested.

Then next month I will give you the next step of how to actually balance the two – your feelings and emotions.

This has been requested, because a lot of people want to know, and I am very happy to be able to share these insights with you.  I hope they will really help you on your path.  I also want to share with you some exciting things that are going on with me.  As I will soon be presenting at Shaktifest, I decided to offer a couple of pre-events for free to start working with, and creating, a deeper energy and meaning to the festival.  I also want to connect the spirit of Shaktifest with Woman Arising.

You are invited to two free events on Learn it Live, which you may attend either live, or watch the recording later.  

Tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd, 6:00pm MST – Puja for Woman Arising

This is a free Goddess Offering Ceremony (Puja) and meditation. As we are mid-year between Woman Arising 2015 and 2016, we offer this ceremony to enliven the spirit of Woman Arising. We have also invited Shaktifest participants to create a link between the two Goddess circles and heighten the energy we are creating together. You may attend this ceremony live or watch the recording later.

Friday, May 6th, 6:00pm MST – Awakening the Goddess on the Tantric Path

Zeffi Shakti Devi is offering this free one-hour long course specifically to Shaktifest participants in order prepare for an even more incredible festival experience. Anyone is welcome to attend. Attend the event live if you can, or watch the recording later.

Men and women are both invited to attend.

And if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet for Shaktifest, May 13th – 15th in Joshua Tree, California, use the promo code Zeffi2016 at for a 10% discount.

Also remember to save the dates for this year’s Woman Arising in Sedona – November 11th – 13th.

I look forward to sharing and participating in all of these inspirational events, and I hope to see you there!



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