December 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

This is the first newsletter since the great production of our first Woman Arising at the end of October. The gathering was a success, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share and grow with so many gifted sisters. It was beneficial for all involved- attendees, speakers, and sponsors alike, and we are greatly looking forward to the expansion of Woman Arising into the future, and into new locations. I was also recently blessed with the great pleasure of presenting at the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference. Of course, I got to speak about the Goddess, one of my most favorite topics of all time.

Today, I have a particular topic that I want to speak with you about. It is something you already know; something you already have within you. It is innate, intrinsic, and always speaking. It moves into us and through us, and is a great power for divine manifestation in the world. It is that quiet little voice that can offer superb direction at any given moment, around any given topic: Intuition. For me, especially lately, the task at hand has been simply to tune in. I’ve been guided to listen, to follow the signs, and to allow the flow of divine order to direct my actions in the world. And I want to help you do the same.

In my last newsletter I spoke about the Goddess, Inana, and her journey to and back from the underworld. She is like the Phoenix. She undergoes the hardship and rises anew. For example, as we prepared for the Woman Arising conference, circumstances appeared like it wasn’t going to be successful, but I followed my intuition, I listened to my heart, went with the flow, and it all turned out to be a beautiful experience.

So in response to what is happening in the world today, and in your personal life, whatever difficulties ensue- it is so important that we succumb not to fear, but to that little voice, that sweet guidance, that nurturing truth that whispers constantly “trust.” Trust that the universe is in divine order. Trust that if one thing happens differently than you expected, it is because there is something better lining up for you. This is going to leave you open to receive. This is going to lead to the opening of many doors for you. This is going to change your life.

Again, I remind us of the Phoenix.

She rises from the ashes.  

This time is all about being in divine flow. If you have an idea you want to create, go for it, one hundred percent, but also be open to perhaps better ideas or flow that the universe may hand to you. Sometimes it comes in an unknown package. But you will intuitively know when and how to open that package. Connect to your intuition, trust that it will guide you, and then allow it.  

For example, my assistant and editor, Sierra, told me of a recent experience in which she was going to purchase a vehicle. She found herself waiting a long time in a traffic jam along the way, and used it as an opportunity to connect with the new female friend that had offered her the ride. As they waited in the cumbersome stop-and-go, they were able to connect on many deep levels. Finally as the traffic emerged, she saw that the cause of the jam was a silver van, similar to the one she was going to buy. In the meantime, the seller had never texted the address as promised and didn’t answer the phone. Rather than getting upset and disappointed, Sierra saw it as the opportunity for something else to arise. It wasn’t the right van. It perhaps wasn’t the right time to spend the money. But, it was, however, a perfect time to bond with the new sister with whom she was stuck in traffic.

So you see, stay in the flow, even if you are caught in traffic! Follow the signs, both outward and inward: The more you look and listen, the greater will become your ability to see, hear, and feel your own inner-knowing. Even if there is something you think you really want, the universe will show you signs of what is actually in alignment for you now. Put it out there and then, in a way, you have to let go. Let things flow. Maybe that wasn’t the correct option, but trust that the next option is most likely going to be much better for you. Sometimes your original desire isn’t actually going to serve you. This is true for relationships, car purchases, everything, for all your major decisions. And you already know this, likely, because you’ve experienced this many times before. Trust.

I know that I talk about intuition regularly in my newsletters and in my teachings, but that is because it is so important! I always tell you to do it, but it is also a great reminder for me. Sometimes our dreams may look look like they aren’t going to come true. But when they actually do happen, and we find ourselves in that beautiful flow of manifest energy, the gifts we receive are amazing. If we can just stay in that intuitive part of ourselves, this is going to guide us to make the right choices that will be of most benefit to ourselves and to the world.

I was planning to leave Sedona to travel to Europe and then India, but those plans have been cancelled because of circumstances. I’ve taken the cancellation in a positive light- as on opportunity to prepare me for the next year, so I may manifest what I need to manifest in my life. There is so much going on, but winter is the best time to go within. From there, you can begin the process of manifestation, which truly begins within. Big plans are in the making, so that when the springtime blossoms grow anew, your manifestations will also be sprouting. But, even if your plans are not flowing the way you thought they should flow, resist the temptation to get upset. Rather, let go even of resisting, at all. Actually transform your perception to see it as a positive manifestation for you. Something more incredible than your plan is likely in the works. Take it in stride. And keep going.

I would love to help you do this. That is what I am here for.

Luckily, I will still be available for sessions and readings in Sedona this winter, till the end of January, and I want to use this time to help as many clients as I can. It is a perfect time to use the “within” energy, and take good care of yourself. To help you in this process, I am offering a couple of new specials. For all of my subscribers, I am giving a gift of gratitude: 20% off my one-hour healing sessions until the 5th of January. If you have anything ailing or troubling you, I welcome you to take advantage of this opportunity. Together we can explore healing paths to assist you in the start of a great new year.

I also have another very exciting opportunity, in that I am offering 5 free 15 minute sessions to new clients, to the first 5 new subscribers who sign up for Ancient Healing’s newsletter.

Please feel free to take advantage of these offers, please take good care of yourself this winter, and listen… Trust.



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