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The Peacock – February 2016 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, I’m sure many of you are feeling a lot of shifts and changes so far this February.  Awareness is expanding as many metaphysical deaths and rebirths are taking place.  This month was my birthday, and I realized that …

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December 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, This is the first newsletter since the great production of our first Woman Arising at the end of October. The gathering was a success, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share and grow with …

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October 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone,   We are very lucky to live in this powerful time From where I write this morning, the sun has risen again, shining in all its beauty and splendor after the night, and I am pleased to feel …

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September 2015 Newsletter

Hello Everyone, I am very excited to announce some positive news for the day!  Ancient Healing is teaming up with the online educational site, “Learn It Live Spirituality Center,” where I will be offering a new course Entitled “The Fundamentals of …

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August 2015 Newsletter

Hello from Europe everyone.  I have been traveling here for the last month, enjoying magical opportunities for meditation and communion, as well as a blessed opportunity to share at the Leading Wellbeing Research Festival in England.  The conference was about …

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July 2015 Newsletter

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Compassion, in Every Moment Hello everyone!  There has been a lot of intense energy swirling in the collective consciousness these past couple months.  So much is being asked of us during this amazing transitional time.  While a lot of changes …

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