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From Root To TruthFrom Root to Truth: A Journey into the Energy Centers of the Human Body
By Zeffi Shakti Devi

New book by Zeffi available on Amazon! From Root to Truth: A Journey into the Energy Centers of the Human Body From Root to Truth is a unique perspective on the ancient system of the chakras. It also offers very practical techniques of how to use Chakra Energy Soaps in everyday ritual to cleanse and maintain healthy energy. What are chakras? Chakras are energy points located at numerous points within our body which impacts our health, emotions and spiritual states. If they are not aligned or are out of balance then issues will occur within our body. There are many schools of thought that talk about the lotus of the chakras. Zeffi Shakti Devi offers her 15 years of experience in teaching about the chakras and chakra cleanses. Zeffi travels worldwide, offering healing sessions, workshops, ceremonies, and tours to spiritual sites in the United States, Europe, and Asia. She devotes much of her time to individual sessions as a medical intuitive, healer, and spiritual counselor. Zeffi works with those new to the spiritual path and already on the spiritual path, including other teachers and healers. Come and join Zeffi into the energy centers and transform your life.

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