August 2015 Newsletter

Hello from Europe everyone.  I have been traveling here for the last month, enjoying magical opportunities for meditation and communion, as well as a blessed opportunity to share at the Leading Wellbeing Research Festival in England.  The conference was about well being, with ourselves and with the world, and hosted a dynamic range of presenters that I was pleased to be among.  As I spoke, I noticed how the attendees in England were very acute listeners.  Hardly a body moved, as all eyes and ears were fixed upon the speaker.  I felt that they were truly getting something out of it.  Something must have worked, because the second time I presented at the festival my attendance had doubled.

However the conference has only been a fragment of my time in Europe.  I’ve been using this space to tune in to the rising feminine energy of our time.  Not only in my personal meditations, but in the last couple weeks I’ve had the blessing to pilgrimage to sacred feminine sites, such as the island of Mother Mary in Greece.  There I had the chance to gather with many of my female relatives, including my mother.  We had such a sweet experience together, and for me it was a prelude to getting together with all of my divine sisters at the upcoming Woman Arising Conference in Sedona.  Because this is a time that the feminine energy of the Earth is waking up, it is very important for us as women to be in tune, to use that energy in our own lives, and to amplify it for the world.  That is what Woman Arising is all about.

We are currently finalizing preparations, and it is turning out to be one full of beauty, information, healing, and inspiration.  But most importantly, I look forward to the unities that are and will be taking place: That of the divine feminine energy along with the manifest; and that of ourselves along with our own divine feminine.  Also, as the sacred feminine energy rises, I feel it to be a very important time for women to unite in gatherings of sisterly harmony, and that is a major aspect of Woman Arising.  As we gather together to unite in the sacred feminine, we inspire its cultivation in each one of our selves, and unify it in strength together.  What is this divine feminine of which I speak, and why does it matter?  How can you connect with it, use it, and amplify it?  We are going to explore these questions together, and that, I promise, is going to be a rich experience for all involved.

If you haven’t checked out our new event page, I invite you to do so now, and I invite you to find any way you can to be present.  We have some fantastic female presenters lined up, who are going to share with us their very inspirational stories and the lessons they’ve discovered therein.  I personally am looking forward to what these powerful women will have to share with me, and I welcome you to do the same, the weekend of October 30th to November 1st.

This is the third year of Woman Arising, but this year I’ve been given the first-time blessing of presenting it through Ancient Healing.  We are building up from the foundation created by Sarah McClean and the McClean Meditation Institute.  This year we will be adding new elements that are going to help generate an even greater experience of growth and inspiration for our attendees.

I invite you to check out information about the past event here…

To register and see this year’s line up, please visit….

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to more communion with you.


Zeffi Kefala

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