Ancient Healing Academy


Nestled in the heart of Sedona’s majestic red rocks, the Ancient Healing® Academy is a post-secondary school which offers in-depth esoteric and metaphysical studies based on the traditions of the ancient mystery schools. The Academy recognizes the Christ-Consciousness or Buddha-Nature of every individual and exist to serve and teach the spirit to awaken and create harmony consciously in the physical world.

Our staff of internationally known mystics and spiritual gurus are dedicated to teaching cultural and religious understanding, through compassion, and to guide our students to discover and develop their spiritual gifts and abilities, and to attain self-healing and oneness with the divine. We discourage adherence to rigid or condeming religious dogmas, and believe that each soul has his/her own very unique relationship with the divine — which should be nurtured and explored in whatever form you have come to know the divine in this life.

The Academy encourages full, active participation and a deeper union with the divine in your everyday life, and is a center of self-improvement and spiritual growth.