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This spring I was in Sedona and had a reading with Zeffi. My emotional and Spiritual state was very shut down. Zeffi suggested that we work for a period of six weeks over the phone to address the situation. I readily agreed being rather tired of the constant funk. The work began and every week we would look at the aspects that would present themselves. I would feel uplifted for several days after working with Zeffi and then the depression would return. Spirits somewhat dampened, I continued with the course of work we had agreed upon. The fifth week led to many revelations and movment on my part. I could “see” beyond the place where I was and what actions where necessary to pursue. The depression started to lift.

Zeffi was able to give me a steady hand to look at underlying causes of the depression while gently encouraging my spirits. Having communication with my guides and spiritual guidance opened a deep channel to allow healing to come in.

— S. Hankerson, Minnesota

Dear Zeffi,

I feel that our meeting has some significance in helping me unravel certain knots in my life. That is, despite all the practices that I have done and al the teachers that I have been around, I haven’t been free in all aspects of my life. When I look at you I sense that you have achieved that freedom and fearlessness. I feel very lucky to have met you.

— Pat Harper, Newport Beach

Thank you so much for the amazing insights and healing. I have had an amazing few days. A real sense of calm. Thanks again and I have been truly blessed to have met you. I hope that we will meet again soon.

— D. McCall, Menlo Park, CA

Zeffi has helped me enormously with a chronic condition that traditional medicine could only help with surgery—a surgery that often leaves terrible side effects. She has taught me how much my emotions played a role in my illness and together we have made tremendous progress.

— D.A., Sedona AZ

Dear Zeffi,

I hope this message finds you well. Just a quick note to say “thank you” for spending time with me last week. It was such a pleasure meeting you. Actually, the whole experience was quite astounding!

— Kelley, NY

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